About Us

The Story...

With nearly 20 years serving the community through the HVAC industry from being a helper, a service technician, a lead installer, a comfort designer and project manager I felt it was time to take all that experience and pass on quality workmanship for an affordable price. As a CT Licensed contractor since 2016 we have plenty of quality installations, happy friends and family but it was time to offer our services to the entire community. 

Family first is my attitude. My lovely fiancé and I have a lovely daughter, a cat and a cute rescue puppy. I'm a sports fan and lover of outdoor adventures on the many surrounding trails or down at the shoreline. 

More importantly though I am also a consumer and a caring guy who wants to do what he can to serve his community. Being that HVAC is my trade this is where my focus begins, lets make this community happier one home at a time!!


With the prices on the rise for materials, fuel, food, and just overall cost of living we are focusing on offering High Efficiency products to our clients with 5-Star services for an Affordable price. The majority of our products offered are Energy Star Rated and receive Energy Rebates from Eversource anywhere from $35 to $1,500. Specializing in Ductless products and High Efficiency Gas heaters, utilizing our services can save money monthly plus you'll have the most comfortable house on the block!! 

We spend $20,000 plus on a car these days that most of us only spend an hour or two in a day for a commute, but at the same time we spend the majority of our time in our homes. Yet with all this time spent inside the home our heating and cooling systems, along with indoor air quality, are often forgotten about until some kind of issue occurs. Give us a call now to find out what a new system for you and and your home may look like. 860-692-2733.